our roots

We are Bae’s Butters. The journey to create the creamiest most delicious nut and seed butters started in Nashville, Tennessee. As a professional chef it was apparent that eating healthy was the best path to follow. Peanut butter and jelly sandwiches was the staple that I grew up on eating. Peanut butter was the introduction for me into the plant based protein world. However, the job of being a chef also led me into nutrition, and the discovery of how much I really loved almonds and specifically almond butter. It became an obsession. I was consuming massive amounts of almond butter. It had the consistency that I remember as a kid and the flavor was somehow familiar. Almond butter was soon on everything I was eating. I loved it so much I began to make it myself. The journey to create the perfect nut butter and food experience is what Bae’s Butters is all about. The unicorn represents the unique quality of taste and texture and overall vision of the business. They say being born in Nashville makes you a unicorn. Bae’s Butters born in Nashville, Tennessee, Music City USA.