Our butters

At Bae’s Butters we remain dedicated to bringing you the best, pure, organic nut and seed butters that we can produce. The result is uncompromised quality. There are no additives period. For a long time, we have been unsatisfied with the grinding process for our nut butters. Some were too dry and we questioned the available processes by which butters were conventionally produced. We carefully roast and stone grind all of our nut and seed butters to deliver improved nutrition and quality. Stone grinding is well recognized as being the best method able to deliver consistently high quality nutrition. We began researching options to bring that same nutrition, quality and consistency to our butters. We think that these butters are the best that money can buy, but we also recognize that we are all individuals with our own preferences, and we remain dedicated to serving you with pure, roasted, organic nutrition in a package that you like.