What are the Benefits of Stone grinding?

Stone grinding while slow in comparison to steel grinding, has a number of proven benefits. The slow massaging process completely breaks down the particles and cell walls at low temperatures, revealing the complete nutrition of the product as it is consumed. The higher temperatures usually found in steel mills can not only destroy sensitive vitamins, but can also result in oxidation and rancidity which reduces quality and product life. Stone grinding produces an end product which retains the natural, original proportions of the seeds and nuts being ground. Stone grinding releases the natural oils and distributes them uniformly throughout the product creating a wonderfully smooth and creamy product.

how long has stone grinding been around?

For centuries peoples have used pestle and mortar or stone wheels to gently grind grains, seeds, spices and nuts to bring out the best flavors while retaining essential vitamins. Industrialization and mechanization has resulted in substitute processes using high-speed mills and processors where speed and utility are held in higher regard than quality and nutrition.